Opera Prima Mare Team

Opera Prima Mare TEAM

Opera Prima Mare is the synthesis of long journey in the nautical sector led by a group of people who have decided to put their personal experiences together and create a nautical masterpiece, unique in its range.

Entirely made of aluminum: noble material, light, durable, fireproof and 100% recyclable.

Opera Prima Mare

change its course

Electric propulsion: we anticipate the future, first of all by respecting the environment. In the Electric Mode only, No emissions - No noises - Low power consumption and Reduced maintenance.

The vision of Opera Prima Mare? ... Become a reference for discerning boaters.

Massimo Mondino
Aluminum boatbuilding

For more than 25 years in the aluminum carpentry sector, he has put his experience and passion for the nautical sector into the realization of the Opera Prima Mare project.

Matteo Costa
Yacht Designer & Project Manager

Yacht designer and sailor with decades of experience in design and remarkable practical skills in the project management.
In the year 2014 he won the XXIII Golden Compass - Youth Award - with the El Niño boat.

Antonello Porello
Professional Coatings

For more than 35 leader in the field of industrial coatings and micro-shot-peening on all types of steels and alloys with special experience in the marine sector.

Gianmarco Albani
Sales Director

He works since more than 35 years in promotion, sales and communication for the luxury segment in several areas, including the nautical sector ...... His true passion!
Initiator and promoter of the new and innovative boat "Opera Prima Mare", with this project he aims, together with his partner and co-workers, to realize a special boat in its range, which is meant for real connoisseurs.