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Promotion - Product launch 2020
For all contracts signed during 2020 for the purchase of a new model Opera Prima Mare 37’ Hybrid or Classic

In the price that will be agreed, the following services are included for free:

- 2 years Boat Berth
- 2 years Parking Space
- 2 years Yacht Club Card
- 2 years Guard Service

The above services are valid only for the Port Marina di Loano.
The two years will start from the boat delivery date in the Marina di Loano.
Would you like to try the boat? Contact us and schedule an appointment in Porto di Loano (SV), where you will soon experience the Opera Prima Mare Hybrid.
You will understand the quality of our product and will also see how Opera Prima Mare sees the future of boating.
By joining our OPM Club you will receive many exclusive benefits, from the boat mooring to the Membership Card that gives you access to affiliate golf courses. With our OPM Boat Sharing program you will enjoy riding in unexpected destinations and share unforgettable experiences with other members. Contact us for further details.
Opera Prima Mare
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